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I’m Mehmet Bilen

Welcome to Mehmet Bilen’s personal blog and portfolio. Explore the world of machine learning, robotics, and bionic design with Mehmet, a passionate engineer with over 10 years of experience. Discover innovative projects, open-source codes, and impactful designs created using OpenCV, Solidworks, C++, and more. Join the global community aiming to make a difference in the lives of amputees. Get inspired and connect with Mehmet today.

Revolutionizing the Field of Machine Learning, Robotics, and Bionic Design

Discover a collection of groundbreaking projects and innovations that showcase the remarkable intersection of machine learning, robotics, and bionic design. Mehmet Bilen, an experienced engineer with a passion for creating positive change, presents a range of projects that push the boundaries of technology and bring real-world impact. From advanced machine learning algorithms implemented with OpenCV to the design and development of bionic hands and feet using Solidworks, each project represents Mehmet’s dedication to empowering individuals and transforming lives. Dive into the world of cutting-edge technology, explore open-source codes, and witness the incredible possibilities that arise when innovation and compassion meet. Join the global community that strives to make a difference in the lives of amputees and experience the future of machine learning, robotics, and bionic design. Connect with Mehmet today to be part of this exciting journey.



Welcome to Mehmet Bilen’s World: I’m a 28-year-old passionate engineer who has been immersed in electronics and software since the age of 16. My journey started with C++, expanded to Qt, and led me to work with operating systems. Utilizing C++, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson Nano, I’ve embarked on various projects that I freely share on platforms like GitHub. In addition, I use Solidworks to design bionic hands and feet, which I bring to life with a 3D printer, offering them to disabled amputees at no cost. With an upcoming project, I aim to establish a global community to reach amputees worldwide and provide them with free support.



Engineer and Innovator

I’m Mehmet Bilen, an engineer and innovator passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive positive change. With expertise in machine learning, robotics, and bionic design, I have spent over a decade honing my skills and exploring the limitless possibilities of technology.

Throughout my journey, I have worked extensively with C++, OpenCV, Solidworks, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson Nano to develop innovative projects. My dedication to open-source collaboration has led me to share these projects freely on platforms like GitHub, allowing others to learn and contribute to the community.

One of my key areas of focus is the design and development of bionic hands and feet. Utilizing Solidworks and 3D printing technology, I create customized and functional prosthetic designs that meet the unique needs of disabled amputees. By providing these designs free of charge, I strive to enhance their quality of life and empower them to live more independently.


Proficient in SolidWorks for 3D modeling and design, with a focus on bionic hand and foot designs. Skilled in utilizing SolidWorks’ advanced features to create functional and customized prosthetics that meet the unique needs of disabled amputees.

Experienced in utilizing OpenCV for computer vision applications, including image processing, object detection, and machine learning. Familiar with various OpenCV libraries and tools, enabling the development of advanced algorithms for real-time image analysis and computer vision tasks.

QT & C++
C++ & OPP
JetsonNANO & RasperryPi
Machine Learning



  • Start
    I learned the concept of C++ and computers, which were popular and started to become popular in these years, and I can say that I laid a few foundations on a few bionic hands and feet.
  • Basic Level
    While I continue to learn until this year, I completely make up for my deficiencies, I wrote my first program with QT. Saying that there is no limit to learning, I plunged into the world of minicomputers with Raspberry Pi. the trainings did not stop
  • Master Level
    As of this year, I started to work completely online and by visiting there in Russia and a few countries. Hosting and Security wanted to be part of the name. You know, sometimes when you try to learn some things, you accidentally discover and learn other things.
  • Pro Level
    It's a little different feeling to come to the world of c++ with Qt this year and on the way I've come so far, and now move towards machine learning. If you're going to ask now. Although I continue on my way with opencv and c++, I aim to be a source of hope for disabled people and make them happy by making different designs.
    2019 ~

Driven by innovation and a passion for helping others, Mehmet has spent 10+ years in machine learning, robotics, and bionic design.





With a proven track record in machine learning, robotics, and bionic design, I bring a strong skill set and expertise to every project.

Extensive hands-on experience in developing cutting-edge projects, collaborating with global teams, and delivering innovative solutions.

Proficient in utilizing SolidWorks to create precise 3D models and designs for bionic hands and feet, ensuring functional and customized solutions for individuals with limb differences.

Experienced in implementing computer vision algorithms and techniques using OpenCV, enabling advanced image processing, object detection, and machine learning applications.

Adept at developing robust and efficient software solutions using C++, leveraging object-oriented programming principles, data structures, and algorithms for high-performance applications.

Skilled in designing and programming autonomous robots, combining knowledge in robotics frameworks, sensor integration, and motion planning to create intelligent and interactive robotic systems.

Dedicated to open communication and building meaningful connections, I prioritize effective contact and responsive communication.

Let’s Connect: Reach out to discuss collaborations, opportunities, or any inquiries. Looking forward to hearing from you!